Welcome to Dystopic Horizons Realty.

Finally, affordable "near loft" like Artist Housing, right here in the Bay Area, now!

The exceptional lifestyle that cultivates creative thinking...

Basic models available starting in the mid 100s.

Each inspired live/work unit is hand-crafted, and capable of magnificent views. The loft-like Cubist floorplan allows convenient interior access and customized storage solutions. Green construction and copious natural lighting and ventilation support ecologically responsible living.

"It's not a cardboard house...
it's a cardboard home."

New! D.H.R. is very pleased to announce a proud addition to our family of affordable urban homes... The Head House!

  • Cutting edge deployable architecture
  • Passive heating and cooling systems
  • Basic model allows for minor and major renovation options
  • "Loft-like" O.I.F.P. (Open Interior Floor Plan)
  • Zero financing
  • No property tax
  • No HOA fees