Hauntingly melancholic, Spy’s music videos challenges the popular and spectacular visual rhetoric employed by most directors in favor of one that embodies a much more D-I-Y aesthetic. As such, these works visually point viewers towards the punk rock ethos that informs the independent music that provides the works' soundtrack. Like the musicians she works with, Spy isn’t interested in delivering an easy to digest, sumptuous story and instead offers a series of images and tales that generally reside in a more minor-key: a key that in today’s world of spectacular politics,VE hopefully holds the possibility of revealing both a more nuanced and powerful aesthetic experience.

"Good Morning Sunshine" / Quasimoto / Stones Throw Records, 2002.
"Are You Gonna Be Alright?" / Hyphen Tirade / Entry Label, 2002.
"Goatworld" / El Captain Funkaho / Stones Throw Records, 2002.
"Bass 2" / Ecstacy of Saint Theresa / EMI Records, 2003.
"Swimmergirl" / Mad Doctor X / Bomb Records, 2003.
"Moving In Strange Directions" / Joe Quixx & MF Doom / Female Fun Records, 2003.

Hip Hop Camp, a documentary about the first Czech hip hop festival vs. the worst Eastern European flood in 200 years.

Good Morning Sunshine, Quasimoto

I made this video for Madlib and Stonesthrow in 2001. It aired on the Sundance Channel's "Sonic Cinema," and it's on both of these compilations, "Lootpacumentry" (2001) and "Stonesthrow 101" (2004).