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Exhibitor, "Books from the Underground Public Library," solo art show, Jellyfish Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Performance and production of the original stage play “Happy Forever: Life and Death of an Italian Cat,” The Dark Room Theater, San Francisco, CA (6 shows)

Exhibitor “Making Something from Nothing” solo art show, Warehouse 416, Art Murmur, Oakland, CA (1 month)

Performance of “Impalement Arts,” opening for Leon Redbone at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (1 night)

Commissioned painting for the private collection of Tracy Feldstein


Curator/Exhibitor “Pankabestia: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities,” group art show at ANONYMOUS Gallery NYC (1 month)

Exhibitor/Performer “Swimming Cities Of Serenissima,” unofficially at the VENICE BIENNALE, Venice, Italy (2 months)

Performer with “The Lifesize Mousetrap” at The Crucible’s FIRE ARTS FESTIVAL, Oakland, CA (3 days) & MAKER FAIRE, CA (3 days)

Exhibitor/Performer “Is What?” Dada peepshow booth at ELECTRIC WORKS Gallery, San Francisco, CA (1 night)

Published an essay in JUXTAPOZ magazine December 2009, “Spy Reflects on the Swimming Cities.”

Performer with “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea,” sponsored by DIETCH PROJECT, NYC (1 month)

Performer with “The Lifesize Mousetrap” at MAKER FAIRE, Austin, TX (3 days)

Exhibitor of “Dystopic Horizons Realty” at the MAKER FAIRE, San Mateo, CA (3 days)

Exhibitor “Art Outside” group show in the Enchanted Forest during SXSW, Austin, TX (5 days)

Performance of original stage play “Last Voyage of the Omega,” at STAGEWERX THEATER, San Francisco, CA (12 shows)

Exhibitor “Learning to Love You More,” Miranda July’s group show, MU, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Curator “Project: Artist Connect” group show in conjunction with Chicken John’s San Francisco mayoral campaign at CHE POULET space, San Francisco, CA

Exhibitor “Industrial Chic” group art show at THE CRUCIBLE, Oakland, CA

Performed “The Dingus Smashing Show” at the COACHELLA music and arts festival, Coachella, CA

Performed with “The Lifesize Mousetrap” at MAKER FAIR, Austin, TX

Commissioned painting series for the private collection of RALPH GURRERA

Published “The Immoralist,” text, photos and collage in the ARTIST YEARBOOK published by The Center for Fine Print Research, UK

Performed/exhibitor at the DEFORMES BIENAL, Santiago, Chile, and BURNINGMAN Black Rock City, NV

Created the second series of the independent video project HAPPY FOREVER episodes 1-4

Exhibitor “What A Relief” group art show at FUSIONARTS MUSEUM, NYC

Curator “Temporary Space” group art show at DUTCHBOY PAINT FACTORY, Oakland, CA

Exhibitor “Death to the Fascist Insects Who Prey On the Life of The People” group show at GALLERY 800, Brooklyn, NY

Exhibitor “Infusion” group show at FUSIONARTS MUSEUM, NYC

Exhibitor “New New Yorkers” group show at IF MUSEUM, Poznan, Poland

Exhibitor “The Junk In My Trunk” and “One Man Army” group art shows at BEDROOM GALLERY, Prague, Czech Republic

Performed the “Me and My Triangle” stage show at the ALFRED THEATER in Prague, Czech Republic

Exhibitor “Arty Party” solo art show at the LOVELITE, Berlin, Germany

Exhibitor “Oakland California Dreamin” group art shows at BEDROOM GALLERY, Prague, Czech Republic

Created “Good Morning Sunshine” a music video for QUASIMOTO (Stones Throw Records) that screened nationally and internationally, featured with an interview on the SUNDANCE CHANNEL’s “Sonic Cinema.”

Commissioned cloud and sky mural at the MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, San Mateo, CA

Exhibitor “Backstage/Frontstage” group show, LA RASA/BADLANDS GALLERY, San Francisco, CA

Exhibitor “San Francisco Drawings,” curated by Chris Johanson, NEW IMAGE GALLERY, Los Angeles CA

Created sets and props for the “Come On Feet” music video for QUASIMOTO (Stones Throw Records) that aired on the FOX network, the SUNDANCE CHANNEL, and screened nationally and internationally

Exhibitor “Emotionally Annoyed” group art show, ESP GALLERY, San Francisco CA

Exhibitor “Monsters of Art” group show, PUNKS WITH PRESSES, Oakland, CA

Exhibitor “3 pieces” solo art show, X LARGE GALLERY, Berkeley, CA

Exhibitor/Winner “Celebrate The Story” juried group show, FIREHOUSE GALLERY, Grants Pass, OR

Exhibitor “Industry” group art show, GRAND STREET GALLERY, Brooklyn, NYC

Professional Museum and Gallery Experience:

Director and Curator of the BEDROOM GALLERY, Prague, Czech Republic

Artist Assistant and Exhibition Preparator at the YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, worked with artists including Mark Dion, Kenji Yanobe, and Barry Magee. San Francisco, CA

Freelance Exhibitions Preparator: MEXICAN MUSEUM, LEGION OF HONOR, DE YOUNG MUSEUM. San Francisco, CA

Assisted SOL LEWITT in painting wall murals covering three floors of the San Francisco MUSEUM OF MODERN ART for his 40-year retrospective exhibit. San Francisco, CA


“Spy Reflects On The Swimming Cities” JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE December 2009

“The Immoralist” text, photos and collage, ARTIST YEARBOOK, published by center for fine print research 2007

“Condition Report D” text with photos, UMELEC INTERNATIONAL magazine, v8 2004/2

“Condition Report 0092403” text with photos, JE M’EN VAIS magazine, January 2004

“Condition Report C” text with photos, UMELEC INTERNATIONAL magazine, v8 2004/1

“Condition Report B” text with photos, UMELEC INTERNATIONAL magazine, v7 2003/3

“Condition Report A” text with photos, UMELEC INTERNATIONAL magazine, v7 2003/2


BOOK ARTS NEWSLETTER - No.32, Center For Fine Print Research, Bristol, UK, January/February 2007.

Interview: Spy,” by Kate Kunst, May 2004.

EVIL MONITO magazine - No. 19, “Spygirl,” by Candice Kortcamp, Summer 2004. (

BARAK magazine (Prague), “Play With Spy,” by Affro, October 2003.

LISTY newspaper (Prague), “Oakland California in zizkov,” by Petr Solil, July 2003.

SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, “Critics Choice: Art,” by Sarah Coleman, February 2000.

SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, “The Art of Apology,” by Diana Griego Erwin, January 2000.

EAST BAY EXPRESS - V.20 No. 9, “Visual Arts As We See It,” December 1997.

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