Abu Ghraib plays St. Stupid's Day 4/1/08

An offshoot of San Francisco's Devo-inspired act, Mongoloid, Abu Ghraib consists of five Iraqi detainees "forced" by their handlers, the Desert Foxes, to perform pro-American Death Metal rants and other acts of humiliation. Wearing not a thread more than their counterparts in U.S. run Iraqi prisons, the detainees will be expected to form human pyramids during guitar solos, eat their share of Christmas ham and other "abominations" against their faith. Supervising this performance are the Desert Foxes, six of the U.S. Army's finest, decked out in the tightest and skimpiest desert camo ever issued. Throughout the show attendees will be invited to hand off their cell phone cameras to the Foxes and strike the iconic Lynndie England pose with the band for a keepsake of this historic event celebrating our triumph over the forces of darkness.

One of the aims of the performance is to defuse fascism through art, making the obscene seen, reviling the vile. The event’s creator is Loid Mongoloid.