Sabotage, came into the popular imagination during the Industrial Revolution, when looms were damaged by disgruntled workers who threw their wooden shoes (known in French as sabots) into the machinery. Acts of sabotage have a primary objective of weakening an enemy or oppressor through subversion, while simultaneously (it is hoped) strengthening the position of the oppressed.

Dance Dance Immolation, Cyclecide, and “The Dingus Smashing Show” are examples of archaic and eloquent games of self-sabotage. Black comedy encourages personal dissidence to physically manifest by way of articulated appliance. In this bedlam carnival, bruises are badges of honor.

“The Art of Self Sabotage” is a forced pause in the hilarious destructive frenzy, a wooden shoe thrown in, to stall the chaos and expose the poetry of personal and actual machines built to destroy us.