Underground Public Library

in the future, technology totally eclipses tradition, and books fade into obsolescence. grammer softens, meaning changes regionally, and the tactile word becomes a blackmarket trade found in renegade libraries existing under highway overpasses, and other dark corners.

printed along an underground railroad of free photocopiers, spygirl creates a series of satirical books that smack of new world sarcasm and uncomfortable perversions, and the UNDERGROUND PUBLIC LIBRARY is her lending spot. the library catalog includes multiple copies of adult themed children's books, fine art, religous critisim, literature and others. the books are all handmade, and available for viewing and lending. THE UNDERGROUND PUBLIC LIBRARY does not employ the dewy decimal system, or require ID to borrow a book, the library deals strictly in trade. the offering must equal the asking, for example a cigarette for a look at the books, a box of chocolates to borrow one.

no money will be accepted as trade.

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