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The Swimming Cities of Serenissima:
Postcards From The Edge of A Junk Boat


I am offering for sale a tangible piece of adventure delivered to you from overseas through the postal mail, providing a happy surprise in an otherwise grinding and lifeless system of bills and junk advertisements. We are a fleet of handmade boats and a crew of artists traveling the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice this May and June, 2009. Because being an art marauder does not pay, I am selling postcards sent directly from the high seas. You can expect HUMOR, IRONY, POETIC MUSING, BEAUTY, and great lessons in humility … all on a 3” x 5” card, and for as little as $10.00 USD.

Moses and I are two clowns riding with The Swimming Cities of Serenissima to go crash the Venice Biennale, a celebrated contemporary art exhibition that refuses to recognize outsider art. We made art boats from junk and will be performing the dreamy story of a drifting metropolis, designed by the artist SWOON. Last summer we navigated the Hudson River for three weeks, and it was said: 

     “Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea…part floating artwork, part
     performance, part mobile utopia...”
     -The New York Times

We saw castles, tropical storms, underwater buildings, and Rosie O’Donnell throwing juices boxes to us. At one point a crewman was in the hospital, another in a sanitarium, and I had a gun pointed at my head by a NYC aquatic-cop. She asked if we were, “fuckin’ pirates.”

This is real adventure. The kind that challenges and inspires and arouses with its potential for danger. Please help support it!

The price of a postcard starts at a mere $10, if you can give more, more is always appreciated. Though your postcard will be a unique creation, to give you a general idea of what you might be in for, here are a few examples of past postcard creations: